Tom Belbin

Sax / EWI / Keys

My name is Tom and I play the Sax, EWI and Keys! I have been playing the Sax for 20 years and dedicate a lot of my time to writing original material for The Sandwich. I enjoy playing Jazz, Funk and any type of fusion music, that’s why I love playing with The Sandwich as we put all of those together between two slices of Jazzy bread!

Jack Hertzberg

Electric Guitar

Hi, I’m Jack and I play Guitar in The Sandwich. I come from a varied musical background, starting off as a Classical Guitarist before getting in to Rock/Soul/Funk/Jazz/Everything else with a groove. The Sandwich allows me to pull together all my influences into one style and play with crazy guitar effects, the perfect combination!

Andy Newman

Bass Guitar

Hi, I’m Andy, the bass player. I picked up the bass when I formed a rock band with some school friends, and went from there, through Prog Rock, to Pop and Jazz. Having been interested in Fusion for a while, I joined The Sandwich and the mixture of styles is always fun to keep up with. I actually had to learn to count to be able to play the stuff as well!

Rob Jane


Hi there, I’m Rob and I play the drums! I was first given a kit by my slightly mad parents at the age of 5 and since then I’ve gone on to play in everything from pop bands and jazz trios to symphony orchestras and choirs! Playing in The Sandwich is an incredibly fun challenge and I really enjoy playing with such a talented group of musicians!